Hi all,

I have a freeipa server set up, and would like to access the Web UI
remotely (from outside my home network).

I set up a fresh Fedora 24 server install, and installed freeipa-server.
 - I own a domain, domain.com
 - The hostname of my freeipa server is hostname.subdomain.domain.com
 - My home network domain is subdomain.domain.com

I set up a CNAME hostname.domain.com and port forwardings, and I tested
this works with nginx on the same machine; I can successfully see the nginx
test page.
I then assumed I could do the same with the freeipa Web UI, but when I
navigate to http://hostname.domain.com:<external_port>, it switches to
https://hostname.subdomain.domain.com:<internal_port>, and with the
following error: "Server not found"

What am I doing wrong?

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