Russ Kaehler wrote:

I'd like to review the section of code specifically related to how
FreeIPA fetches the master DNS. When I run this:

ipa -vv user-show admin

The following printout emerges:

ipa: INFO: trying
ipa: INFO: Forwarding 'user_show' to json server
ipa: INFO: Request: {
  "id": 0,
  "method": "user_show",
  "params": [ [ "admin" ],
  { "all": false, "no_members": false, "raw": false, "rights": false,

Where in the code does this line get populated with the DNS URI?

ipa: INFO: trying

It will occasionally attempt to connect to the wrong DNS server and I'd
like to correct that behavior. My request is specifically to know where
to look in the code so I can investigate this matter.

Not sure if this is a terminology issue or not but it isn't contacting DNS servers, it is contacting an IPA master (which may be the same as your DNS servers if IPA is serving DNS).

It can get this from a number of places: DNS SRV records, /etc/ipa/default.conf or whatever is in the session cookie (depending on version of IPA).


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