I am assuming this is the AD trust user that is having the problem with HBAC, in my testing I was only allowed access when the HBAC rule is linked to the IDM POSIX AD trust group and not the external group used to retrieve AD trust users. I noticed the following in the logs which is why I mention this:

   /(Tue Jul 12 13:30:12 2016) [sssd[be[ipa.cri.uchicago.edu]]]
   [hbac_user_attrs_to_rule] (0x2000): Added non-POSIX group
   [cri-cri_server_administrators_external] to rule

If this does not help, could you share with us more about the HBAC rule 'cri-cri_server_administrators_allow_all' and how it is configured?

        # ipa hbacrule-show 'cri-cri_server_administrators_allow_all'

Kind regards,

Justin Stephenson

On 07/12/2016 04:11 PM, Sullivan, Daniel [AAA] wrote:

I am experiencing an HBAC issue that is proving to be very difficult to 
diagnose.  It appears very closely related to the issue described in this 
 except that clearing the cache does not fix the problem.  I am further stumped 
by the fact that I have an additional machine that was deployed from an 
identical VMWare template image which IPA HBAC works correctly on.  From a 
client perspective I am working with a fully updated version of RHEL 6.8 with 
ipa-client 3.0.0-50.el6.1 and sssd 1.13.3-22.el6.  We have a domain with 2 IPA 
domain controllers (RHEL 7.2 and ipa-server 4.2.0-15.el7_2.6.1); I have since 
shut down one of the two domain controllers and cleared the cache 
(/var/lib/sssd/db/*) on both clients and restarted sssd (to isolate a potential 
replication problem between DCs); the HBAC rule validates correctly on the only 
remaining DC (basically an!
   any any rule). HBAC (the ability to login via sshd) continues to work on 
only one of the two clients.

>From what I can tell, both clients have the same version of all ipa-client and 
sssd (and presumably related packages as both clients are fully updated). I have 
compared their /etc/sshd/sshd_config, /etc/sssd/sssd.conf and all configurations 
in /etc/pam.d and both systems appear consistent.

I feel that it is worthwhile to mention that I believe that one of the two 
machines in question (the one that is not working) was bound as a CentrifyDC 
client.  We are planning on replacing CentrifyDC with FreeIPA (for several 
reasons), so it is important that we are able to take an existing CentrifyDC 
client, unbind it, uninstall the CentrifyDC package(s), and install FreeIPA in 
its place.  Regardless of whether CentrifyDC was previously installed, I feel 
that my somewhat thorough examination of /etc/sshd/sshd_config and the contents 
of /etc/pam.d would negate any potential residual configuration from Centrify 
that would cause this sort of problem.  I have posted my domain log here: 

It is also probably worthwhile to mention that I am authenticating as a user in 
a trusted domain, although I believe this should be apparent in the the 

I am hoping that a subject matter expert in IPA and or SSSD would be able to 
help me further diagnose the access denied by HBAC entry that is present in the 
pastebin specified above.  As I said, I have cleared /var/lib/sss/db/* and 
reinstalled IPA-client several times.  I have also rebooted the system 

Thank you for considering helping me; I appreciate your time and expertise.



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