i am looking to setup a VPN in order to access some resources, and want to point my clients at this resource via DNS. the resource i am accessing is internet resolvable, but i am accessing it via the VPN, and using a NAT for the VPN (full 1-to-1 or static NAT). i want to have a record in my DNS for this resource, using its proper name (which i am not authoritative for), but assign it the IP of my NAT.

say for example, host.domain-ext.tld is the resource i want to access, and it resolves externally to my VPN NAT would be i want internal resolution of DNS to point to so the network routing takes my internal clients to the VPN and not out to the internet.

i am using isc bind, bind-dyndb-ldap, and fedora, but not freeipa, for dns. how do i setup the zone and record to accomplish this DNS trick? i have talked with some DNS gurus and they indicate that i can do something with the "@" record. it seems that the record i want, would be its own zone, and the @ record would point to the name, and the SOA would be the NAT IP. i could be wrong about the details, but something like this is how to setup resolution the way i want.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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