On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 01:36:30PM +0000, Sullivan, Daniel [AAA] wrote:
> > Are also users that are not part of this group misbehaving?
> Not that I am aware of.  I’ll get you a real answer though.  Are there any 
> known workarounds to the @ problem used to transform group names (i.e. a more 
> robust ‘override_space’ option)?  I looked a the doc briefly but can’t find 
> anything. 

The override_space really just concerns spaces, not @-characters.

> I was thinking maybe could use re_expression to tokenize group names by 
> taking the last token parsed by @ for the domain portion, although this seems 
> kind of hacky, also not sure if it would work.

Yes, I guess this should work.

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