This is the case I am after just to be more precise:

It was requested 3yrs ago but no follow up so far.

From: Stefan Uygur
Sent: 26 July 2016 11:18
Subject: who did what on IPAv3 - auditing

Hi all,
Still around the auditing problem with IPA, it seems the part related to 
auditing is completely missing in IPA and that is not really good.

For instance, to find out who did what, who added or modified the permissions 
or users or sudo rules, etc, all this need auditing and it needs to be proof of 

I don't see IPA being very friendly with auditing part, although IPA is a 
central identity management system, which means auditing is all over IPA. I am 
surprised that this part is missing.

There is a page suggests to set up central login:

With a combination of multiple logs, but I have checked accurately the logs, I 
still can't find out say, who added user John Doe in date 21 July 2016 at 11.35.

Has anybody in the list experienced or set up such solution where the IPA 
server activity is tracked down?

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