We are running the most recent IPA packages in RHEL7 and are facing a few 
issues when accessing the web console:

First, since we utilize a Kerberos trust with AD, we had to create 'internal' 
IPA users that we use to login to the web console.  I believe it is expected 
that AD users cannot login to the web console, but this may be coming in a 
future version?

Secondly, when we browse to the web console from a Windows system that is 
joined to our AD domain, we first see a 'basic auth' popup that asks us for our 
user credentials.  No username or password is accepted here.  If we hit 
'Escape' the normal IPA forms-based authentication appears.  We are able to 
login via this form.  What is causing the 'basic auth' popup?

Lastly, we are not able to login *unless* we use Chrome's 'incognito mode.'  If 
we browse to the web console in a normal browser, we first have to escape out 
of the 'basic-auth' window, but after we input our username/password into the 
form, another 'basic-auth' window pops up.  If we escape out of this, the forms 
based login now displays 'Your session has expired.  Please re-login.'  Because 
of this, we *have* to use Chrome's incognito function.

Can anyone offer some suggestions or advice for these problems?



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