On 2.8.2016 16:13, S├ębastien Julliot wrote:
> Hy everyone,
> Currently migrating to FreeIPA, I find myself writing several scripts to
> notify users (on account creation, on birthdays, one week before account
> deletion, ...).
> A global notification system would be very handy and I see here
> <http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Notification_system> that it has been on
> the tasklist for months now.
> Do you have news about the progress and maybe a release date (estimated,
> at least) ?


the student working on the project had given up for personal reasons so the
work is waiting for someone to pick it up.

I've updated ticket
including links to the work which was already been done.

> Besides, if necessary, we would be happy to synchronize and contribute
> to that part.

It would be awesome if you could look at the analysis which was done
(described in the documents linked from the ticket), read the design page and
return back to the mailing list with your proposal for implementation.

We were thinking about calling D-Bus from inside of FreeIPA framework which
would allow the user to hook up one or more custom scripts to the interesting
places in FreeIPA.

An alternative was a daemon which would watch LDAP tree using SyncRepl.

There is certainly some other way to deal with this, with own pros and cons.
Please propose your ;-)

Have a nice day!

Petr^2 Spacek

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