On 01.08.2016 22:50, Mike LoSapio wrote:
Hi there,

Is there anyone out there with a good system for storing users,
groups, hosts, etc.. in some sort of version controlled repo w/ flat
files that could plug into "two-man" workflows for user-account
creation and privilege/group membership changes, etc.

There's some github projects out there to help installing FreeIPA
server and a few to get clients up and running, but nothing (that I
could find) for the on-going management of FreeIPA resources.

So in puppet world (just as an example) - I'd be looking for something
like a puppet-defined-type freeipa_user with all the attributes
required and more-importantly all the code-glue that puts it all

Figured I'd ask if there if there's anything already out there before
I re-invent the wheel.



sorry but I don't understand what you exactly need, can you be more specific? Do you need a script that provision users?


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