Martin Basti wrote:

On 05.08.2016 05:24, pgb205 wrote:
my previous setup was

I have removed replica and set it up with the one with identical hostname.
Now  I have replication from srv1->replica
and am trying to create another agreement from srv2=>replica
but i am getting the error message above. My guess is that old
hostname is there somewhere
but ipa-replica-manage del command does not produce any results.


I don't see the error message you are referring

This is an IPA 3.0 error message from ticket

What do you mean you removed it and setup an identical one? Did you do this with ipa-replica-install?

ipa-replica-manage is looking up the masters and it doesn't consider replica a master which is why it is throwing this error. I'd double-check that replication is working properly.

On each master run: ipa-replica-manage list -v `hostname`

And really, ipa-replica-manage list should show a list of all known masters.

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