Hi Ludwig,

Am 12.08.16 um 09:13 schrieb Ludwig Krispenz:
> I haven't seen which version you are using. There was a bug in ipa where
> it attempted to delete a master before all services were deleted:
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5019
> You can delete the services below the master by using ldapmodify, but I
> am not sure if this will be sufficient.

this is IPA 4.1.4 (still running on FC 21, that is the reason we are
doing this exercise, we want to replace that by a CentOS7 based version
but want to have two running servers during the migration).

So I fear we hit this bug. Thanks for pointing us to that.

We will try to delete the bogus entry in LDAP by hand.

Best regards


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