On 08/18/2016 12:48 AM, Devin Acosta wrote:
> My first primary FreeIPA Master server has gone belly up. When I try to start 
> the server it shows this message in the "error' log. However the other issue 
> i 
> have is when I try to start the server using "ipactl start" it times out 
> after 
> 300 seconds, how do I get past this issue?
> [17/Aug/2016:22:44:57 +0000] SSL Initialization - Configured SSL version 
> range: 
> min: TLS1.0, max: TLS1.2
> [17/Aug/2016:22:44:57 +0000] - 389-Directory/ <> 
> B2016.215.1556 starting up
> [17/Aug/2016:22:44:57 +0000] - WARNING: changelog: entry cache size 2097152B 
> is 
> less than db size 28016640B; We recommend to increase the entry cache size 
> nsslapd-cachememsize.
> [17/Aug/2016:22:44:57 +0000] - Detected Disorderly Shutdown last time 
> Directory 
> Server was running, recovering database.
> Any help is greatly needed!!

My best guess is that your
got damaged when DS crashed/whatever and it now does not export the 636 port,
which is being checked by ipactl start.

You can try to start just the DS service with "service start dirsrv@YOUR-REALM"
and see if it opens port 636 with

netstat -putnl | grep 636
tcp6       0      0 :::636                  :::*                    LISTEN

If it is not open, you can try to stop DS and use other dse.ldif from the
directory above, that is not corrupt. There should be some backups.


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