I have systems that were previously using openLDAP and plan to migrate
them to freeIPA.  I have a problem I have been struggling with since
Thursday.  The client take 10 to 15 minutes to finish the enrolment

I can't find anything in the logs, have disabled nscd, the DNS and
hostname is set up write and nothing on the message logs point me to
the problem.  Have put se-linux to permissive and done all the basic
checks I can think of.

Its always stalling at this point. What usually happen after the end
of the log below?


2016-08-22T01:12:07Z INFO Synchronizing time with KDC...

2016-08-22T01:12:07Z DEBUG Search DNS for SRV record of

2016-08-22T01:12:07Z DEBUG DNS record found:

2016-08-22T01:12:08Z DEBUG args=/usr/sbin/ntpdate -U ntp -s -b -v

2016-08-22T01:12:08Z DEBUG stdout=

2016-08-22T01:12:08Z DEBUG stderr=

2016-08-22T01:12:08Z DEBUG Writing Kerberos configuration to /tmp/tmpYLpzuV:

2016-08-22T01:12:08Z DEBUG #File modified by ipa-client-install

includedir /var/lib/sss/pubconf/krb5.include.d/


  default_realm = ENG.EXAMPLE.COM

  dns_lookup_realm = false

  dns_lookup_kdc = false

  rdns = false

  ticket_lifetime = 24h

  forwardable = yes

  udp_preference_limit = 0



    kdc = hydrogen.eng.example.com:88

    master_kdc = hydrogen.eng.example.com:88

    admin_server = hydrogen.eng.example.com:749

    default_domain = eng.example.com

    pkinit_anchors = FILE:/etc/ipa/ca.crt



  .eng.example.com = ENG.EXAMPLE.COM

  eng.example.com = ENG.EXAMPLE.COM



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