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realstarhealer wrote:
Hi Rob,

setting back the date and restarting did not help, in fact it can't,
because certmonger is not tracking these two by default.

Regarding the ipa-ca-agent Cert:
I followed CVE-2015-5284 slightly to create a new valid ipa-ca-agent

You re-created the wrong cert. You need the cert with subject 'CN=IPA RA,O=<REALM>' The RA agent (original serial # usually 7) and the CA Agent (original serial # usually 6) have different purposes.

Were you affected by the CVE? I'm not sure why you'd try to replace it in this way.

As for the tracking, you'd do something like this (untested b/c I don't have a 4.1 install):

# getcert start-tracking -d /etc/httpd/alias -n ipaCert -p /etc/httpd/alias/pwdfile.txt -c dogtag-ipa-ca-renew-agent -C renew_ra_cert

Via pki cert-find --name 'ipa-ca-agent' I can now see both, the new and
the expired.
Via freeipa webui I can also See both.
Via ldapsearch -D 'cn=Directory Manager' -W -b 'ou=people,o=ipaca' I see
uid=admin using the old expired Cert ID.

Is it sufficient to ldapmodify the new valid Cert to uid=admin to solve
this? As far as I can See,  it is the only place this Cert is used.

The instructions on the wiki at seem to confuse the RA agent with the CA agent. I don't know the details of that CVE but someone needs to revisit these docs. I'd prefer some clarity around SUBJECT, it will always be CN=IPA RA,<BASE>

Similarly there is no need to update ca-agent.p12 file if the RA agent cert is being replaced.



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realstarhealer wrote:

I am in charge for a freeipa server with ldap backend and
noticed some expired certificates recently. Most of them but 2 are
auto-renewing by certmonger as I checked. All of them are self signed.

"CN=ipa-ca-agent" and "CN=Object Signing Cert" are not subscribed by
certmonger, ipa-ca-agent expired some days ago and has not been renewed.
Second one expires soon. No consequences noticed so far.
Can you tell me what they both are for and - if needed - how I should
renew that separately? Preferable with certmonger. An Output how the
tracking config should look like would be nice.

The object signing cert can probably be ignored. This was used to sign a
jar file used to automatically configure Firefox but that approach
doesn't work any more.

The agent cert is used by IPA to communicate to dogtag so yeah, that's
pretty important.

Since it is expired you'd need to go back in time to renew it.
Restarting the certmonger process is the simplest method to force it to
try to renew.


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