There is the error on ver 4.2 while viewing certs: "IPA Error 4301: 
CertificateOperationError", next it read " Certificate operation cannot be 
completed: Unable to communicate with CMS ([Errno 113] No route to host)".

I suspect you'll be asking for below two commands, here are results.

# ipa cert-show 1
..shortened ...
  Subject: CN=Certificate Authority,O=COMP.COM
  Issuer: CN=Certificate Authority,O=COMP.COM
  Not Before: Wed Aug 17 17:20:41 2016 UTC
  Not After: Sun Aug 17 17:20:41 2036 UTC
  Fingerprint (MD5): 00:a5:2c:2d:ea:c8:27:33:62:35:75:53:12:6a:0d:c1
  Fingerprint (SHA1): 
  Serial number (hex): 0x1
  Serial number: 1

# ipactl restart
Restarting Directory Service
Restarting krb5kdc Service
Restarting kadmin Service
Restarting named Service
Restarting ipa_memcached Service
Restarting httpd Service
Restarting ipa-otpd Service
Restarting ipa-dnskeysyncd Service
ipa: INFO: The ipactl command was successful

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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