I`ve got an IPA with a broken CA infrastructure (don`t know what happened,
but new clients cannot be registered)
It is even not possible to setup a new replica.
So, I wanted to setup a new IPA Server with new CA, and I want to move all
users with their passwords to the new IPA instance.
I`ve tried with 'ipa migrate-ds'

ipa migrate-ds --continue --bind-dn="cn=Directory Manager"
--group-container=cn=groups,cn=accounts --group-objectclass=posixgroup
--group-overwrite-gid --with-compat ldap://<ldapserver>

The output is OK
Passwords have been migrated in pre-hashed format.
IPA is unable to generate Kerberos keys unless provided
with clear text passwords. All migrated users need to
login at https://your.domain/ipa/migration/ before they
can use their Kerberos accounts.

But  the ipa/migration website is not working for me.
Anyway, is there a way to export the users with passwords? I think I have
to export some kerberos specific stuff from the old IPA?

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