Need help restoring central sudo rights on ipa server.

How I broke it!!!: I decided to take advantage of the centralized automount 
feature with a custom location for a couple mounts. When I ran the 
ipa-client-automount --location=server_mounts it appeared to install correctly 
but that didn't appear not to work so my plan was to manually setup the 
automount since it is only one machine. So of course I ran the 
ipa-client-automount --uninstall on the ipa server and thats when I lost the 
sudo rights on the ipa server: superuser not in the sudoers file, this incident 
will be reported.

I have repeated this steps with the same results:

Initially sudo works for superuser

And after ipa-client-automount --location=server_mounts (on the ipa-server)

sudo still works

but after, ipa-client-automount --uninstall

no sudo for superuser on the ipa server but the superuser still has sudo 
privilages on the clients????


My setup is all CentOS 7.2 machines with one ipa server and the rest are 
clients all using ipa version 4.2.0.

I had no issues using the ipa-client-automount on all my clients to configure 
network homes and shares as well as setting up a superuser with central sudo 
powers before this happened.

1.) Don't be too harsh if it is a BIG NO-NO to run the ipa-client-automount 
command on the ipa-server

2.) Not sure what logs or config files i need to post.

Thanks in advance!


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