I am trying to create a new automember rule to assign certain user classes into 
a default group using the web GUI, however it fails with the message

FreeIPA, version: 4.2.0

        IPA Error 4001: NotFound
        Default group for new users is not POSIX

But it (xfstest) IS a POSIX group and I've disabled UPG:

        [root@ipa-idm-01 ~]#  ipa-managed-entries -e "UPG Definition" status
        Plugin Disabled

What's up with this.  Why does nearly every operation I try in this server 
fail?  The Identity Manager Guide really sucks, it has few real world examples 
to go by.  Does the expression have to be an expression rather than a value?  
Must I create an expression with some sort of pattern matching ( * . + etc.) 
like ^xfstest_class* ?

1) created a POSIX group
        Group name      xfstest
        Group Type      POSIX
        GID             1333300615

2) created automember user group rule
        Automember Rule xfstest
                Attrib          Expression
                userclass       xfstest_class

3) Attempt to add a new user
        login   autotest
        First name      auto
        Last name       test
        Class   xfstest_class
        No private group        unchecked

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