Morning Alexander,

>>Failed user:
>>  aagrim: missing attribute "sn" required by object class 
>> "organizationalPerson"
>>  acctemp: missing attribute "sn" required by object class
>> ...........
> This looks like a common problem. I had recently made a small 'hack' to
> solve this problem.
> Following small fixup plugin could be used to affect how entries are
> generated. If you add it to /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipalib/plugins
> on IPA master and restart httpd service, the plugin would modify migrate-ds 
> command so
> that 'sn' attribute would be set to a 'Migrated User Last Name' for all
> entries that miss 'sn' attribute before they actually get added into IPA
> This is an experimental hack, of course, but it should work. Once
> migration is finished, don't forget to remove the file and restart httpd
> service again.

Worked for me, thank you.  Curious, would this qualify for inclusion
in future IPA release considering its a common problem that show up



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