Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Fri, 02 Sep 2016, Mike Driscoll wrote:
Hello.  I want to script the new user creation process.  I read in
section 9.4 that "any user who has password change rights can change a
password and no password policies are applied, but the other user must
reset the password at the next login.”  I want to create an account
with this limited capability for inclusion in a script.  But I can’t
figure out how to configure an account to have this capability without
being a full admin.  How can I create new user accounts and set initial
passwords in a script?
You need to create a permission that allows to write to password
attributes. Then create a privilege and role that utilize this

Then you would assign the user that is capable to reset passwords to
that role and it should be enough.

I recently wrote an article how to create new permissions:

You only need to look at selfservice 'Self can write own
password' and create a normal permission with similar effective
# ipa selfservice-show 'Self can write own password'
  Self-service name: Self can write own password
  Permissions: write
  Attributes: userpassword, krbprincipalkey, sambalmpassword,

Note the difference between selfservice and permission -- the former is
always executed against SELFDN of a bind identity, e.g. those who
authenticate, the latter can take care of both the target and the bind

There already is such a permission, "System: Change User password"


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