In looking at the ID Views functionality in FreeIPA, it looks like I can 
accomplish overrides (such as users’ shell in LDAP is /bin/bash, but on a 
certain subset of hosts, users get /some/restrictive/shell instead? (Use case 
#1: a bastion host or jump box where admins might want to validate that users 
are only attempting to access authorized internal destinations.)

However, it looks like one has to list each user individually?

Is it possible to do things like this?
*:::::/usr/bin/restricted_shell  <— override EVERY user en masse

some_ldap_group:::newGid:::  <—— Override *EVERYONE* in some_ldap_group en masse

<—— Override members of ldap_group_2 overriding each individual user’s home 
directory as well from, e.g. , /home/jdoe -> /somepath/home/jdoe

Coy Hile

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