I have a FreeIPA install with three server replicas that was originally
setup a couple years ago and, over time, has been upgraded to 4.2.4 on
Fedora 23.

I'm trying to add a fourth replica and it's failing in two places
(depending on whether I enable the CA or not).  I'm assuming the
problem is that one of the upgrades didn't quite go right, and my
install is now missing something required for replication, but that's
just a guess.

Without --setup-ca:
Configuring Kerberos KDC (krb5kdc). Estimated time: 30 seconds
  [1/8]: adding sasl mappings to the directory
  [2/8]: configuring KDC
  [3/8]: creating a keytab for the directory
  [error] CalledProcessError: Command ''kadmin.local' '-q' 'addprinc
-randkey ldap/ipa4.lesbg....@local.lesbg.com' '-x' 'ipa-setup-override-
restrictions'' returned non-zero exit status 1

Looking at the logs, the error is:
2016-09-06T08:46:47Z DEBUG Process finished, return code=1
2016-09-06T08:46:47Z DEBUG stdout=Authenticating as principal root/admi
n...@local.lesbg.com with password.
2016-09-06T08:46:47Z DEBUG stderr=kadmin.local: No such entry in the
database while initializing kadmin.local interface

Full logs at:

With --setup-ca:
Configuring certificate server (pki-tomcatd). Estimated time: 3 minutes
30 seconds
  [1/23]: creating certificate server user
  [15/23]: authorizing RA to modify profiles
  [error] EmptyResult: no matching entry found

Full logs at:

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