Thank you for confirmation.
We will be relying on LDAP/DNS functionality and pulling policies like Sudo and 
HBA from client machines. We are not looking to make domain wide changes using 
ipa tools from those Ubuntu client machines.
I guess that should work, right?



On 9/7/16, 1:48 PM, "Rob Crittenden" <> wrote:

>Andrey Ptashnik wrote:
>> Hello FreeIPA team,
>> Our FreeIPA server cluster is at version 4.2.0 and expecting Ubuntu 16
>> machines with FreeIPA client software 4.3.1 soon to join our IPA domain.
>> Are there any compatibility issues that we may encounter?
>No, ipa-client-install should work around the API version differences. 
>Using the ipa tool directly will have problems though.
>This is fixed in the recently released freeIPA 4.4.1.

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