Hi all!
I had a question about something that I'm sure has been covered.  I promise
that I'm trying to find those articles but thus far I've found some pieces
but nothing 100%; however I'm still looking.
I have two networks

   - ad.example.com ( active directory )
   - linux.example.com ( IPA )

All of my linux systems Auth against IPA and it's perfect.  AD and IPA
replicate users ( this currently is how we're doing it and are looking at
external users to see if that works better for us ).  I'm trying to find
how to force my IPA two factor to the desktops that auth to AD.  As a whole
we're trying to enforce this everywhere and I don't want to go to Duo when
we have the capability in house.

My IPA is at 4.2
AD is on MS 2012

Any direction would be great and as I mentioned I'm certainly going over
the archives to research.
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