On (07/09/16 17:39), Venkataramana Kintali wrote:
>Of late, I am learning FreeIPA . I have installed IPA server and few
>clients (Version 3.0.0)
>I am facing an issue with ssh key authentication in my setup.
>I generated a putty ssh private key (using putty keygen) ,and uploaded it
>under a user through IPA GUI.
I assume you uploaded public key to the IPA
otherwise you did something wrong and I wonder why it works on some machines.

>I am able to login to some IPA clients but not able to login to other IPA
>clients with putty using private key and passphrase.
Is sssd_ssh running on all clients? (Is sssd.conf almost the same on all
Is sshd configuration the same on all machines?
/etc/ssh/ssh_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config

>Public Key Authentication is enabled on all clients.
>I am able to from one client to other clients successfully (after doing
>kinit) without promting password.
>Can someone  please throw some light on this as to what the issue could be
>here and what else I can check to understand where  the problem is ?
>I searched this online but couldn't find any solution in the context of IPA.


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