On (13/09/16 10:39), Sumit Bose wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 10:13:12AM +0200, Rob Verduijn wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks that did it.
>> Is there a less painfull way to be notified of these changes ?
>> My nfs configuration gets broken much more than I like because of changes
>> like these.
>> I know fedora is supposed to be testing grounds unstable software, but I
>> would really like to hear a heads up more often.
>The change was mentioned in the upstream release notes of SSSD-1.14.1
>https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/Releases/Notes-1.14.1 but of course I
>cannot be expected to read all upstream release note before running 'dnf
>The change was necessary because before the plugin was in the
>sssd-common package and this caused that some nfs dependencies were
>pulled in even on systems where nfs is not needed at all. Since neither
>SSSD nor nfs-idmap strictly require the plugin the new package is not
>automatically installed during update.

Sorry for troubles. We can add weak dependency info sssd-common on
sssd-nfs-idmap and it might be installed by default.
IIRC dnf does not inform about suggested packages; but recommends minght
work. Feel free ot file a BZ.

The reason why it is in separate package is "container world".
You need to have install packge sssd-nfs-idmap on host
but sssd can be running in container.


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