Hi all,

i am setting up IPA the first time for real life and have now
some big problems.

First for testing i setup an IPA-Server, a NFS server and up
to 3 clients. The server are running Scientic Linux and the clients
Federo 24 (setup via Cobbler server). The setup is based on the Red Hat Linux 7 
IPA Docs.

This was running well over several weeks. I can reinstall my clients
via cobbler and everything was good.But mostly with one user (me).

Now i was adding 20 hosts and the first time big problems
are coming.

First, one problem has nothing to do with IPA: I found bug reports
about new autofs problems with Fedora 24. autofs is starting 
at the wrong time and sssd too.

Second, my problem has to do with mounting or accessing directories:
When i login in a host, sometimes mounting directories is not allowed 
and sometimes it is possible. And there is no system, sometimes it 
works, sometimes it works not.

Well, important: i am login at several hosts at the same time! Mostly
with one user! Me!

I install the clients with ipa-client-install and ipa-client-automount (first
time by hand, for reinstall with kickstart).

I do not something with the user .-files like .cshrc or change any other 

I read now at some MIT-Docs, it is a good idea to add kdestroy in dot-files
for logout.

I can’t expect big help with my poor report here, but i have now two questions: 

Have i to setup the users dot-files in some way? Is there any good documentation
for a users home directory setup?

Is login in several clients at the same time with the same shared home 
directory a problem?

Thank you for any help!


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