When i was evaluating the configuration of the central logging proof of concept 
docker image described here: https://www.freeipa.org/page/Centralized_Logging i 
noticed that the rsyslog mmnormalization rules did not work properly and failed 
to parse keywords. Elasticsearch indexes does not get properly filled. This 
lead to the visualizations and dashboards are broken in Kibana.

The reason is that custom repos was being used to install newer version of 
rsyslog, rsyslog-mmnormalize and rsyslog-elasticsearch (8.8.0-2), liblognorm 
(1.1.1-1 and liblogging (1.0.4-4).

These repos do not work anymore since the content has been removed.

The repos are:

Liblognorm version in RHEL 7 are normally 0.3.7.

It would be of interest if these newer versions could be made available for 
RHEL 7 in the near future since they would make RHEL 7 as a log server platform 
much more interesting.

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