The document you are linking to explains how to configure a samba file
server in a freeipa domain, which is one of many ways you can configure
and use a samba server.

What do you want to achieve with samba, and what is your current setup?

El jue, 06-10-2016 a las 19:23 +0300, Степаненко Алексей escribió:
> Hello.
> I've read the topic about FreeIPA and SAMBA 
> h_IPA
> If I understand clearly, samba's client must be present in
> FreeIPA  AD. 
> Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I can't join some work
> desktops 
> to AD. Is it possible to make Samba auth trough LDAP IPA ? Samba has 
> ldap support
>          ldap admin dn
>          ldap group suffix
>          ldap idmap suffix
>          ldap machine suffix
>          ldap passwd sync
>          ldap suffix
>          ldap user suffix
> Does it work with IPA ?
> Thanks.
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