On 10/17/2016 02:44 AM, 郑磊 wrote:
Hello everyone,
    I'm using freeipa, and having a test and research with the function
of freeipa. At the same time, I have carried on the chinese translation
to the web interface, also added own function module in web interface.
However, For these changes I don't know how to interact with the
community, please help me. Thank you very much!

That depends on what are you trying to achieve.

If you wish to contribute your translations to the upstream, you may have a look at our Zanata project page:


We periodically push our message strings there so the community can translate them. We then pull the changes into the upstream repo. You may wish to read http://zanata.org/help/ for more information about this workflow.

If you would like to contribute your code to the upstream, make sure you read our Contribution guide: http://www.freeipa.org/page/Contribute

Otherwise feel free to ask questions on this list, we will try our best to help you out.

Martin^3 Babinsky

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