On ma, 17 loka 2016, Karl Forner wrote:
Thanks Alexander, unfortunately I could only find outdated documentation.
I just realized that my question is not precise enough.
The documentation I linked is the up-to-date one.

Suppose I have a master running in its LAN, with all required ports open.
Now I want to setup a replica running in a docker in a AWS EC2 instance.
It does not matter.

From your answer, I understand that during the replica setup process,
all I need (because I do not use RHEL) is a ssh port between the master
and the replica.
You did not read carefully what I quoted. SSH port is in addition to the
ports required to be open for normal IPA master.

Just follow documentation.

What about the after-setup replica synchronization ?
Does it also only use ssh ?
No, it is not. Please read the documentation, it has all the details,

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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