Sorry if this is a frequently asked question, but it's not easy to find a simple answer.

* Can I use FreeIPA (v4) as a domain controller for Windows machines to join?

* If not, what's the recommended free/open solution? Would it be to set up a Samba4 domain controller, and then set up cross-realm trust between FreeIPA and Samba4?

(That is: assuming I want central AAA for both Linux boxes and Windows boxes)

Things I found:


... but it only mentions FreeIPA v2 and v3


... report on work-in-progress. It does say:

" FreeIPA Domain Controller is unlike Samba AD → Windows cannot be joined to FreeIPA". But it's not clear if this is an eventual goal, or whether it's likely to remain this way.

I guess keeping a lot of MS-specific nonsense out of FreeIPA is a good thing :-)



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