On 22/10/16 00:15, Gilbert Wilson wrote:
We have a lot of FreeBSD systems that I would like to streamline certificate 
issuance and renewal. Ideally, we could leverage our FreeIPA system's CA to do 
this. But, certmonger doesn't run on FreeBSD (or does it?). What other means 
have other people tried, or would you recommend investigating, to enable 
automated certificate issuance and renewal for FreeBSD FreeIPA clients?

Any pointers are appreciated!


Hello Gil!

I've very limited experiences with *BSD systems so the question may be completely off. Have you tried to install and run certmonger using FreeBSD's Linux Binary Compatibility [1]? Though I don't know what are the limitations or possible issues it could be a way.

[1] http://www.freebsd.cz/doc/handbook/linuxemu.html

David Kupka

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