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my answers also inline.

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Hi, comments inline

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I've been running and using a single FreeIPA server successfully, i.e.:
Fedora 24
This server is only available via IPv6, because I can't get public lPv4 addresses no more.

Now I want to setup a FreeIPA replica at another site also running IPv6, Fedora 24 and freeipa-server-4.3.2-2.fc24.x86_64
First I run "ipa-client-install" which succeeds without an error.
When I invoke "ipa-replica-install" I get this error:
ipa : ERROR Could not resolve hostname *hostname.mydoma.in* using DNS. Clients may not function properly. Please check your DNS setup. (Note that this check queries IPA DNS directly and ignores /etc/hosts.)
2016-10-26T12:14:39Z DEBUG Search DNS server *hostname.mydoma.in* (['2a01:f11:1:1::1', '2a01:f11:1:1::1', '2a01:f11:1:1::1']) for *hostname.mydoma.in*

Can you check with dig or host command if the hostname is really resolvable on that machine? do you have proper resolver in /etc/resolv.conf?
There is a resolver given in /etc/resolv.conf. When I do "host <<hostname.mydoma.in>>" I get the right IPv6 back.
That is weird because IPA is doing basically the same.

*hostname.mydoma.in* is actually the DNS entry for the old FreeIPA server, which actually resolves, but only to an IPv6 address of course.
I can continue the installation though by entering "yes".

I then get asked:
Enter the IP address to use, or press Enter to finish.
Please provide the IP address to be used for this host name:

When I enter the IPv6 address of the new replica host it doesn't accept but infinitely asks this question instead.

Have you pressed enter twice? It should end prompt and continue with installation
Enter without an IP -> No usable IP address provided nor resolved.
Enter with an IP -> Error: Invalid IP Address 2a02:1:2:3::4 cannot use IP network address 2a02:1:2:3::4

How do you have configured IP address on your interface? Does it have prefix /128?
Yes, that's right. It's an IP being assigned statefully by a DHCPv6 server. There is also another dynamic IP within the same prefix having /64. I don't want to use this one of course, because its IID changes.

Could you set (temporarily) prefix for that address to /64 and re-run installer? IPA 4.3 has check that prevents you to use /128 prefix

Honestly, I can't see what I might have done wrong.
Old FreeIPA has hostname is in sync forward and reverse record.
New FreeIPA host as well has hostname that symmetrically resolves, even though the hostname is using another second level domain.

Any hints?
Jochen Demmer


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