I am no automount expert so I will leave answering those questions to those but see my comment inline.

On 10/27/2016 06:16 AM, William Muriithi wrote:

I am trying to import some autos map from a file to FreeIPA LDAP and
have noticed two problems that can be considered a bug in my humble
opinion.  This is on:


1.  This either is a documentation bug that suggest one can specify a
parent map while thats actually not the case or ipa I am running has a
bug and can't handle parent map. Below is what I get when I try to
specify parent map:

[root@hydrogen ~]# ipa automountmap-add-indirect default
auto.projects-prs1013 –-mount=/projects/prs1013
Is this a direct copy-paste from the terminal? If so and your e-mail client did not do any reformatting then the first character in the "–-mount=/projects/prs1013" is not a dash, which results in it being recognized as a third argument, thus the warning about at most 2 arguments.

ipa: ERROR: command 'automountmap_add_indirect' takes at most 2 arguments

  I had got the idea that this is possible from the documentation below:


According to the document, I should be able to specify an automap
parent.  However, it don’t look like that’s actually supported.

2. How would one import an existing maps to ipa auto.home map.  Import
seem to be only capable of importing to auto.master, which make its
utility doubtful

[root@hydrogen ~]# ipa automountlocation-import  default

Imported maps:
Imported keys:

Added adam to auto.master

I think we should have a flag that allow importation of key to other
other maps other than auto.master


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