On 27/10/2016 10:07, Brian Candler wrote:
To the OP: in that case, I'd still recommend that you choose a distinct kerberos realm like IPA.YOURCOMPANY.COM, with associated primary domain "ipa.yourcompany.com", and let FreeIPA manage that domain so that it sets up all the right SRV records for auto-discovery. But you don't need to put any hosts inside that DNS domain at all.

Aside: I have just been trying this out.

What's slightly confusing is that the ipa server-install process requires you to set a "domain name" as well as a realm, and it's not clear to me which "domain" to put here. Is this the domain which corresponds to the realm, or the domain which the clients normally reside in, or something else?

For example, suppose I have realm IPA.MYCOMPANY.COM but my servers are xxx.int.mycompany.com. Should I set the FreeIPA "domain" to ipa.mycompany.com or int.mycompany.com, or mycompany.com ?

After some experimentation, it seems that the LDAP baseDN is always taken from the realm (dc=ipa,dc=mycompany,dc=com). But the DNS domain is used for:

- nisDomain and associatedDomain
- ipaDefaultEmailDomain
- crucially, the SRV records are published under the DNS domain

So it looks like really you should put "ipa.mycompany.com" as the DNS domain, even if the IPA servers are in a different domain.



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