On (08/11/16 16:57), 郑磊 wrote:
>Command returns the result:
>root@ipaserver:/tmp/freeipa-4.3.1# /usr/sbin/setsebool -P 
>httpd_can_network_connect=on httpd_run_ipa=on httpd_manage_ipa=on
>Cannot set persistent booleans without managed policy.
>root@ipaserver:/tmp/freeipa-4.3.1# /usr/sbin/getsebool httpd_run_ipa
>Error getting active value for httpd_run_ipa
Then it just mean that selinux-policy on ununtu does not contain
such boolean.

You have few options:
* create your own SELinux rules
* backport SELinux rules from upstream/fedora
* Use freeIPA with SELinux on different distribution.
* use freeIPA without SELinux on ubuntu (IIRC the default is Apparmor)


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