Hi All,

I have my IPA servers hosted in the AWS private subnets and i can access
them using AWS elastic load balancer(elb) URL from public internet just
fine.  The problem is that when i enter https://<elb>/index.htl  (dummy
index.html hosted on IPA)  i can access index.html just fine but when i try
https://<elb>/ipa/ui then i am getting redirected to [https://
<ipa_private_hostname>/ipa/ui]https://<ipa_private_hostname>/ipa/ui  which
is resulting to  "This site can't be reached" error.

I followed this link
https://www.adelton.com/freeipa/freeipa-behind-proxy-with-different-name but
it did not help either..

What should i be doing to access IPA server(s) uri when they running behind
the load balancer or proxy servers?

Thanks for your great support!

Best regards

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