I'm getting the above error when trying to login - inconsistently and after
the password request.

Using debian's openssh 7.3p1-3 going into Centos 7.2, FreeIPA 4.2 and sssd
1.14.2 (from copr).

When I google, none of the results seem applicable, but I'm not 100% sure,
and testing seems difficult.

On the test client, I've set pam_id_timeout and kr5b_auth_timeout to 30
because we found that helped with the transfer of data between the FreeIPA
server and the enrolled host, and I thought that might be causing the error.

Having added both ServerAliveInterval 60 and ClientAliveInterval 60 just to
humour myself (and the google results) but am still getting this result.
This is a solution I'd rather not implement anyway, but I thought I'd check.

Has anyone seen this before?


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