On (21/11/16 13:54), Bjarne Blichfeldt wrote:
>ok Thanks
>I will try to debug that.  No errors in the logs, the ldapsearch from your 
>link works fine..
>ok work ahead...
>Bjarne Blichfeldt
man 1 ipa-getkeytab says:
       WARNING: retrieving the keytab resets the secret for the Kerberos prin‐
       cipal.  This renders all other keytabs for that principal invalid.

and also there is an option:
       -r     Retrieve  mode. Retrieve an existing key from the server instead
              of generating a new one. This is incompatibile with the  --pass‐
              word  option,  and  will work only against a FreeIPA server more
              recent than version 3.3. The user  requesting  the  keytab  must
              have access to the keys for this operation to succeed.



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