On 22.11.2016 13:57, TomK wrote:
On 11/22/2016 2:59 AM, Martin Basti wrote:

On 22.11.2016 06:33, TomK wrote:
Hey Guy's,

I'm forwarding a domain dom.abc.xyz from a Windows Server 2012 over to
my dual Free IPA server.  The Free IPA servers are authoritative for
this subdomain.  The Windows Server 2012 DNS is resolves on abc.xyz
and forwards dom.abc.xyz.
Do you have configured proper zone delegation for subdomain dom.abc.xyz?
Proper NS and glue records

I cannot ping dom.abc.xyz.  Everything else, including client
registrations, work fine.  If Free IPA is authoritative  on
dom.abc.xyz, should it not create DNS entries so the sub domain can be
pinged as well?

What do you mean by "ping"?

/etc/resolv.conf also get's regenerated on reboot on the IPA Servers
and wanted to ask if you can point me to some materials online to
determine where can I permanently adjust the search to add dom.abc.xyz
to the already present abc.xyz .  I wasn't able to locate what I
needed in my searches.

I'm using the latest v4.

It depends on what are you using, probably you have NetworkManager there
that is editing /etc/resolv.conf



I Uninstalled NetworkManager.  Still changes.
ping dom.abc.com results in "ping: unknown host"

I'll have a look at the first link, ty.

ping (ICMP protocol) and DNS system are different things, do you have hostname dom.abc.com with A record or it is a zone?

with ping command hostname "dom.abc.com" is resolved to IP address first, do you have A record set for dom.abc.com in zone apex or what are you trying to achieve with ping command?

for testing DNS try to use commands: dig, host, nslookup


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