On to, 01 joulu 2016, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On to, 01 joulu 2016, Denis Müller wrote:
Hello Ipa-users,

i established successful trust to an domain controller and able to get
ssh working. AD users are able to log into ipa-domain via ssh. But
fortunately i can't see those users in the web gui. What im i doing
The only thing you are doing wrong is not reading documentation
carefully. You are not going to see AD users in IPA web UI because they
are not managed there.

Go to your AD DC and use Active Directory management tools to Manage AD
users and groups.

You can use FreeIPA web UI to manage ID overrides for these users and
groups. You can use FreeIPA web UI to define mapping between AD users
and groups and FreeIPA 'external' groups for the purpose of HBAC and
SUDO rules.

You cannot manage users/groups from AD, neither use them to manage
FreeIPA right now.
... And I did not mean anything hostile by saying that. Sorry if it was
felt so...
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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