i have setup an IPA environment using Fedora 24 for the clients
and Scientific Linux 7.2 for the servers.

All clients are mounting NFS4 shares on a central server.

The setup is based on the Red Hat Documentation 

Everything works well, except one issue:

On the NFS servers i was also using the command ipa-client-automount
to complete the installation process. As i mentioned, it is a
NFS4 server with a basic setup, exports like this:

/export         1xx.xx.xx.0/25(ro,root_squash,sec=krb5i,fsid=0)
/export/appl    1xx.xx.xx.0/25(rw,root_squash,sec=krb5i)

But starting the autofs service freezes some parts of the server.
Especially „ls“ is not working and you have to wait a long time
to login. After a while autofs is running. After some days
login is no problem or only sometimes. The same with „ls“.
I never saw NFS problems, this services had no problems.

But the server crashes now every two or four days. Rebooting and
running again. 

Ok, it makes no sense to run autofs on a dedicated NFS server.
So i disabled this service and i had no problems anymore.

But i think, it must be possible to run it. So i think, there
is somewhere a big bug.

So i want to know, is here someone who is running a Kerberized NFS Server
in an IPA environment and also have autofs problems on this server?

I have a lot of core dumps and system messages. I am not able to
analyze them. Of course, i can send them somewhere …

At least i want to know, is this behavior a know bug or is something wrong
with my configuration?

Thanx for any hints.


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