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Martin Basti wrote:

On 07.12.2016 08:48, List dedicated to discussions about use,
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the --hostname option to the installer currently modifies the hostname
of the machine. In some environments, namely in unprivileged
containers, that operation is not denied. In some cases, it is
possible to change the FQDN of the container from outside, for example
with docker run's -h option. However, in some environments, namely in
OpenShift, there is not such possibility.

I have found out that disabling the change by turning /bin/hostnamectl
and /usr/bin/domainname makes ipa-server-install pass while the server
gets configured with the hostname specified as the parameter to
--hostname option so it does not seem to be essential for the FQDN to
change. Of course, some operations might no longer work, like ssh to
the FreeIPA machine as sshd would need to be set with
GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck no.

I wonder if either change of the --hostname semantics, or some new
option would be useful, to specify the hostname to be used by the
FreeIPA software while not touching the configuration of the hostname
for the machine.

I agree that --hostname options should not touch system's hostname, I
don't see reason why application installer should change system hostname.
It was done for sanity because a staggering number of users it seems
don't properly set their hostname.

Then we should have checks and prevent installation, but this needs proper design and must cover containers, AWS, etc. to count with various scenarios.

I'd start with deprecating current behavior of this option in next release
IMHO it is a pretty significant change of behavior.
True, so as mentioned later, rather just deprecate this option.

As you mentioned we need find what cases can be broken when we will use
different local and external hostname, but anyway we have do this for
Agreed. Something needs to happen, I'm just not convinced it should
happen in --hostname. I generally oppose new options but one might be
warranted in this case to handle things.

Maybe --external-hostname or so, noted, we will cover it in design.


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