Hi Rob,

> >> automount --dumpmaps sss auto.projects
> >>
> > Thanks, this indeed is working.  Thanks for clarifying the man page.
> > Its however not listing any keys on map created as child to master
> > using the flag below.
> >  --parentmap=auto.master
> >
> > This seem like a bug.  Could this be a corner case that was missed?
> Hard to say without seeing your maps and keys.
> You could run `ipa automountlocation-tofiles default` to see what IPA
> thinks things look like.
I had checked with the above command a two weeks ago and indeed have a
better result that way.  Also, though I added the maps using a script
(cli interface), I do see them displayed correctly and nicely on the
FreeIPA GUI.  Finally, they do seem to work fine as I haven't heard
issue with the maps for the last 4 weeks we have been using this
setup.  We had them initially on the file and only migrated then to
LDAP recently.

Its after this migration that I noticed that some script that used to
parse the auto maps as a files are now broken and have been attempting
to fix then since.


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