On 09/12/16 22:56, Stephen Ingram wrote:
Can you have a domain that belongs to a Kerberos realm with a completely
different domain? For example, could example.com belong to the
ANOTHERDOMAIN.COM realm as long as we control DNS for both and have all the
necessary SRV and TXT records to locate it and krb5.conf is configured


Hello Steve,

yes you can do it. DNS domain and Kerberos realm are two different things. It's common and AFAIK recommended to capitalize DNS domain to get the realm but it's not required.
If you really want to have them different make sure:
a) anotherdomain.com is under your control,
b) you don't already have other Kerberos instance (FreeIPA, MIT KRB5, MS AD, ...) with ANOTHERDOMAIN.COM realm deployed.

With FreeIPA you can run
# ipa-server-install --domain example.com --realm ANOTHERDOMAIN.COM

But before you do, why do you want to have the realm different from the domain?
David Kupka

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