I've recently upgraded to centos 7.3.
Didn't intend to so soon but should have checked the anounce lists before
launching my ansible update playbook.

Most of my servers came through, and mostly also the ipa server.
There were duplicate rpms and a failed rpm upgrade.
After some yum magic the rpm duplicates where gone and all the updates

Manually running ipa-server-upgrade also seems to finish properly.

ipactl start keeps failing on the ntpd service.
Not a big surprise since its running chronyd.

I now start the ipa server with 'ipactl start --ignore-service-failure'

Is there a way to explain the script that it should check for chronyd
instead of ntpd ?

I also see this a lot in the logs:
dns_rdatatype_fromtext() failed for attribute
'idnsTemplateAttribute;cnamerecord': unknown class/type

Is that a serious error ?

Rob Verduijn
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