On ke, 14 joulu 2016, Serhii Honchar wrote:
as per RFC2696 in such case:

If the server does not support this control, the server
  MUST return an error of unsupportedCriticalExtension if the client
  requested it as critical,

So  in case slapi-nis plugin doesn't support "paged results control", it is
quite incorrect to absolutely ignore control regardless of their
"criticality". To comply with RFC2696 slapi-nis plugin shall reply
with "unsupportedCriticalExtension"
error in such cases. Am i right?
That's right, but slapi-nis never supported paged search results before
and I'm not sure we want it to do that with the current code as it is
not trivial at all.

You may file a bug about paged results but I suspect it will start
working with the refactoring of slapi-nis we plan for global catalog
support in FreeIPA 4.5/4.6 where we'll move content of the slapi-nis
virtual memory cache to a proper database backend in a separate 389-ds

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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