On ke, 21 joulu 2016, Callum Guy wrote:
Hi All,

I am looking to find out all the services which FreeIPA has installed and
which must be up and running as part of normal operations. I am clear on
the various systems which have been installed on the master server (we run
no replicas) however I'm not sure what resource I should refer to in order
to improve my understanding.

To get started on this I have retrieved a list of running services using
"systemctl -t service".

Our installation is working pretty well and although we have been
experiencing the odd stability issue we had believed that this is due to
wider platform changes rather than any issues with the installation. In the
service list I am seeing lots of duplicate and failed services and it is
not clear how to interpret the output and whether this is to be expected?

The attached screenshot should explain my question.

Can anyone offer any guidance for the severity of this issue? The most
pressing question is how/why we have multiple 389 instances for various
casings of our domain. The other issue is the large number of OTP service
daemons - is that an issue?!
Multiple 389-ds instances look like an error on your side -- IPA
installer does not setup more than one 389-ds instance at all in
versions which run on the systemd-enabled systems. Perhaps, these were
unfinished failed installation attempts where install failed in the
middle and no clean-up was done, though I can't imagine how that
couldn't cause a trigger in ipa-server-install as it actually checks
if there was already an IPA master configured on the same host.

As to ipa-otpd, this is expected -- ipa-otpd uses socket activation and
is launched on demand whenever Kerberos KDC needs it. If you have
multiple KDC threads (default is one per CPU core), you get as many
ipa-otpd instances launched too.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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