On 23/12/2016 10:31, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
ipa-ca used to be a CNAME, you cannot handle CNAME via /etc/hosts.
However, multiple replicas cannot me specified via CNAME, so we had to
fix https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3547.

Absolutely - I have no problem with ipa-ca being real A record(s) pointing to the server itself.

All I'm saying is that at installation time, it already knew the IP address of the server - by local hostname resolution, and because ipa-server-install asks you to list the IP addresses of the server explicitly.

> The ipa-ca A record is now handled as part of the server upgrade which
> also should be run at the very end of a normal install.

Are you are supposed to manually run "ipa-server-upgrade" even after a clean install?

I've just tested that, and yes, one of the steps is:

[Add missing CA DNS records]
Updating DNS system records
<< pauses here >>
unable to resolve host name ipatest.foo.example.com. to IP address, ipa-ca DNS record will be incomplete

So you're right: that would have fixed it *if* I'd created the foo.example.com zone first, and added the host to it, which in real life I would have done (since other hosts must be able to resolve the IPA server's hostname)

I already opened https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/6579 which suggested using local resolution, e.g. via gethostent(). But feel free to close it if you don't think this is needed.



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